Health Destination Rhineland - The health metropolis in the heart of Europe

The metropolitan region of Rhineland Dusseldorf from Cologne to Bonn is one of the leading medical destinations in Germany.
It is a location for high-tech, top-notch medicine and telemedicine, as well as pharmaceuticals and medical technology. Many medical services already have national and international appeal and attract more and more patients and companies to the region along the Rhine.

As a result, clinics in the metropolitan Rhineland region have actively sought international patients. According to the Federal Statistical Office, some 70,000 foreign patients annually seek inpatient treatment in German hospitals Almost a fifth of these international guests opt for a clinic in NRW. Apart from Aachen, the cities of Dusseldorf, Bonn and Cologne in particular are the primary destinations for medical travel. With more than 25,000 beds in 90 hospitals, the health region of Cologne-Bonn, in cooperation with partners from Dusseldorf, has a high treatment. In addition, numerous tourist and service providers complement the spectrum of medical services. The Dusseldorf International and Cologne Bonn airports as well as numerous airlines offer many connections and excellent access to international target markets.